Case Results - Highlights for November 2014

Good couple of weeks for some of our criminal clients

Interfering w/ Duties of an Officer Case Dismissed

Interfering w/ Duties of an Officer case dismissed on day of trial. Client was accused of jumping on an officers back as he was arresting his friend. Client was tazed and arrested.

Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon Case Dismissed

Dismissal on an Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon case. Client was arrested after the police found a semi-automatic handgun in a backpack after a traffic stop.

Multiple Assault-Family Member Case Dismissed

  1. Dismissal on an Assault Family Member case, client was accused of shooting a gun at the feet of his wife, dragging her inside, and pushing her to the ground.
  2. Dismissal on an Assault Family Member case, client was accused of hitting his wife in the face after an argument.
  3. Dismissal on Assault Family Member Case, client was accused of striking his wife multiple times.
Eric Benavides
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Eric Benavides

Criminal Defense Attorney at Benavides & Serrano
Eric Benavides is a Houston Criminal Defense Attorny and immigration lawyer.He is one of the co-founders of Benavides and Serrano.He is a member of the Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Houston Young Lawyers Association, and is licensed to practice law in the state by the Supreme Court of Texas and federally by the Southern District of Texas.
Eric Benavides
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