10 things not to do on the road with alcohol in your system!

Every DWI Lawyer in Houston can tell you stories about clients that just set themselves up to get stopped.  If you are reading this it might be too late, but you can pass it on to your friends.  If you are driving and have had anything to drink at all (even if you are legally sober!) do not be dumb on the road!

As a Houston DWI Attorney I have a lot of potential cases come through my office, and I hear a bunch of stories about traffic stops and why the police pulled them over.   I have also seen hundreds of DWI videos, and one common thing is that many of the initial traffic stops resulted from stupidity!

So here is a list of some things you shouldn’t do after drinking:

  1. Don’t “peel out” at a traffic light!  I don’t care if you never got over the posted speed limit, and I don’t care how hot the girl in the next lane was, you are going to get pulled over!
  2. Don’t weave your steering wheel to the beat of the music!
  3. Don’t let your best friend stand up with his torso hanging out of the sunroof.
  4. Don’t tap your breaks over and over to try to make your vehicle “jump” to a beat
  5. Don’t drive with one leg hanging out of the window…
  6. Don’t drive naked
  7. Don’t road rage…who cares if the car in front of you just cut you off.
  8. Don’t forget to put on those license plates that showed up in the mail…
  9. Don’t flick a cigarette out the window with HPD right behind you…(sigh)
  10. Don’t forget to use your blinker…really…is it THAT HARD?

Again, it might be too late for you.  But if you are feeling down and want a quick pick me up, ask the DWI Lawyer in Houston that you hired to tell you some stories.  This job certainly can be entertaining…

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Eric Benavides

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Eric Benavides
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