Case Result: Hit and Run

Hit and Run / Failure to Stop and Give Information Reset for our Client

Went to court today on a hit and run case.  The facts of the hit and run case do not make much sense.  My client is accused of not leaving her information at the time of the accident.

The case is confusing, I am going to have to spend some time investigating this one.  First of all, the complainants are saying that the accident was not their fault (they hit my client from behind, their insurance already paid for my clients car, their insurance already settled with my clients personal injury lawyer).  It was obviously their fault, so I don’t know where that comes from.  Police reports were made days later, it’s a big “he said she said” on who left first.  We will see what happens with that.  We ended up getting a reset on the hit and run case, we need to get proof of certain items for the next setting.

DWI Case and Elevator Problems at the Criminal Courthouse

I also dropped of a DVD to make a copy of a very interesting DWI case.  My client claims that there were camera crews recording his arrest, so that will be interesting to see.

The unfortunate part about dropping that video off was that it took me 30 minutes to get from the second floor back down to the first floor.  There are like 10 elevators in the criminal courthouse and they never seem to work.  We really either need to get a new building or we need to trade with the civil courthouse.  It’s crazy that the civil courthouse is so much better suited to handle the load of people that the criminal courthouse takes in on a daily basis, but the civil courthouse is always empty.  They have wonderful elevators, and even escalators that allow individuals to choose how they will get to where they need to go.  The criminal courthouse is a huge fire hazard, and let’s hope there is never a situation where the building needs to be evacuated.

I am back in the Benavides & Serrano office now preparing to meet with a client on an interesting Aggravated Assault of a Family Member case.   And then I have a couple of consultations this afternoon as well.  I am definitely ready for the weekend.  I’m excited to get to spend some time with my wife and daughter and enjoy my first father’s day with them.  Not to mention its US Open Weekend, and we will have a game 7 in the NBA finals!  It should be a good weekend.

Today’s Results

  • Failure to Stop and Give Information – Reset
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