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Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed

Officers pulled over my client. During the stop, officers smelled Marijuana. My client admitted he had the weed. Officers began to search and ultimately found the weed.

We were able to show that the officers had no valid reason to pull my client over. If the stop is illegal and is thrown out, everything they find as a result gets thrown out as well.

Good day for my client!

Another 4 Cases Dismissed this Week

Another good week

4 more cases dismissed for the week of March 17th, 2014.

  • Trial case where client was accused of interfering with the duties of an officer after being accused of trying to prevent officers from arresting his best friend.
  • Criminal Mischief where client was accused of kicking down his ex-girlfriends door because she would not open it, and punching holes in the wall.
  • Injury to a child where client was accused of assaulting a 14 yr old girl.
  • Assault where client was accused of assaulting a fellow high school student who stole his Jordan’s.

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Aggravated Sexual Assault Case Dismissed!

BIG WIN this past week in a Criminal Case for the attorneys at Benavides & Serrano.

Client was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a Child. Client is a legal permanent resident and was in danger of being deported. Not to mention he was looking at up to 99 years in prison! After fighting the case for over a year, the state finally dismissed all charges against him. He is finally able to sleep peacefully at night, and just started a new job.

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