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Prostitution and Assault Family Member Case Results

Case Results for June 16th, 2016

The two main cases I handled today were a prostitution case and an assault-family member case. I had an interesting, and I would say successful day in the criminal courthouse.

Prostitution Case

The prostitution case was a tough one to defend.  It involved a sting in the community where undercover officers posed as prostitutes and lured individuals in.  My client unfortunately made a bad decision and went down to the hotel where a bunch of officers were eagerly waiting to arrest him.

I was very fortunate to have a DA in this particular court that took a step back, looked at the entire situation, and made a judgement call that not only benefited the community in the short term, but also benefited my client in the long term.  Today we were able to walk out of the court with a dismissal.  My client took an aids awareness class, did community service, and the case was dismissed.  He was very, very pleased with the outcome.  The last step will to be to get this case expunged.  Prostitution can be a very embarrassing charge to have on your background check when you are applying for jobs!  So even though this prostitution case was dismissed, the arrest record will still show up.  So our work is not done, but we will hopefully clear everything up for him in the near future with the expunction.

Assault / Family Member Case

My other case today was a bit different.  The assault-family member case absolutely did not make any sense. There was zero evidence to arrest my client and there was actually even more evidence to show that he was the victim. I had a talk with the DA who agreed there were problems with the case and agreed on a dismissal with conditions. This should have been an immediate dismissal, however, the DA asked for him to take an anger management class before he dismissed it. Now in certain situations we would reject that offer, but in this situation it made more sense for my client to just suck it up and do the class, in order to get it dismissed faster (which reduced the amount of days my client has to miss work).

The District Attorney

Sometimes DA’s do the right thing and work with us like they did in the prostitution case where the defense might be more difficult, and sometimes defense attorneys agree to mitigation classes on cases that should be straight dismissals (also for the greater good).  You have to take the good with the bad, it evens out.  At the end of the day, the outcome (preferably a dismissal!) is the most important part.

2 cases, 2 dismissals, I got to say it was a good day.

Today’s Results:

  • Misdemeanor Prostitution – Dismissed
  • Misdemeanor Assault-Family Member – Set for Dismissal