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Assault on a Family Member in Texas

Assault-Family Member is a unique charge. You definitely need a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney to help you. What makes it so unique is the person really doesn’t even need to be a family member. It can be a roommate, a girlfriend, or even someone that you used to live with. Of course it also applies to other family members such as children, wives, brothers/sisters, etc.

New "Extreme" DWI Law in Texas

Starting this month (September 2011), every Houston DWI Attorney has started receiving their first “Extreme” DWI cases.  The new “Extreme DWI” law went into effect this month, and changes the charge from a class B misdemeanor to a class A misdemeanor for all first time DWI offenders who have a blood alcohol level of .15 or more.

Hiring an Out of County Attorney

Some people say you should never hire a Criminal Lawyer in Houston to handle a case in another county.  The people who argue this usually say that it is better to hire someone who is well connected in the other counties court house.  I think that is a complete myth, and that defendants should be more concerned about hiring someone that cares about them and about their case.

The Importance of Requesting an ALR Hearing

As a Houston DWI Attorney, the biggest (and one of the most costly) mistakes I see is individuals waiting too long to hire an attorney.  The problem is, when you are charged with DWI in the state of Texas you have 15 days to request an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing.  If you do not do this within the first 15 days, then your license is automatically suspended for a set number of days depending on certain factors.