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Drug cases are very serious in the state of Texas.  They are even more serious for individuals who are not United States Citizens.  It is important to get an attorney who cares about you case if you have been charged with a drug crime.

There are many types of different drug crimes, and the punishment can differ depending on if you are being accused of simple possession, or possession with intent to deliver.  Another type of common drug case has to do with possessing prescription drugs, or attempting to purchase prescription drugs by fraud.

It is important to remember that DRUG CASES CAN BE WON!  Many times people will just go to court and plead guilty because they don’t think they need a lawyer.  I mean they did have the drugs right?  While every case is different, some cases are winnable when for example there was an improper search, when you were detained illegally, or if you have a valid prescription for a drug.  Well, at Benavides & Serrano we will investigate your case thoroughly and attempt to get the best possible outcome for you.   While it is true that some of our clients are stuck in the situation of having to take a plea deal with the State, you can be confident that the lawyers at Benavides & Serrano will negotiate the best possible deal for you.  Many times jail can be avoided in the form of probation, deferred adjudication, and/or some sort of treatment program.

Finally, you must realize that if you receive a drug conviction YOU CAN LOSE YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE.  You can lose your Texas driver’s license for 6 months if you are over 21, and 1 year if you are under 21.  The lawyers at Benavides & Serrano, PLLC will do everything in their power to keep you from being convicted.  Sometimes defendants get their cases dismissed and they don’t have to worry about anything.  For all the others, your driver’s license is at risk.  It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney who understands the negative impact of drug convictions.  It is possible to save your license through deferred adjudication.  Since deferred adjudication is not finding of guilt, the license is not suspended.  You must take this into consideration when fighting a drug case.  Far too many times individuals take what they see is the easy way out and plea guilty to a drug case and pay a fine, or do a few days in jail.  Little do they know that not having a license leads them to even more problems in the future.  If your license does get suspended, then we can help you get a restricted license.  Usually these restricted (occupational) licenses will allow you to drive for up to 12 hours a day depending on which judge hears your case.

As you can see drug cases can be very serious and very confusing.  If you are in the regrettable position of being arrested for a drug offense call the Houston Drug Attorney’s today at 713-222-2828 for a free consultation

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