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Don't Talk in the Back of a Police Car!

I recently wrote about the fact that many individuals are not aware that jail phone calls are recorded.  As a Houston DWI Lawyer I see individuals saying things they shouldn’t and getting themselves into trouble.  Unfortunately I also see people sitting in the back of police cars running their mouth for minutes and minutes at a time.  This is not smart, and there are a few reasons why.

SCRAM Monitor

Almost every Houston DWI Attorney has had a client who has been put in the unfortunate situation of placing a SCRAM device on their ankle.  A SCRAM device is an ankle monitor used by certain courts in Harris county (and sometimes probation departments) that monitors an individual’s blood alcohol level.  The SCRAM device works by taking sweat samples from your body every 20-30 minutes and basically uses that to tell whether or not you have been drinking.  Every time the SCRAM monitor takes a reading, it stores the data, and it is eventually forwarded to the court/probation department.

One Advantage of a Camera Interlock

As a Houston DWI Attorney I get the opportunity to work in front of a lot of judges.  When it comes to DWI, every judge has their own opinions and their own rules regarding pre-trial conditions.  One thing that attorneys see often in court is the placement of an interlock device in a defendant’s car before they are ever convicted.  An interlock device is a basically a machine that is placed in your vehicle that you need to blow into to get the car to start.  If you have any alcohol in your system the car will not start and a report of the violation is sent to the court.

New "Extreme" DWI Law in Texas

Starting this month (September 2011), every Houston DWI Attorney has started receiving their first “Extreme” DWI cases.  The new “Extreme DWI” law went into effect this month, and changes the charge from a class B misdemeanor to a class A misdemeanor for all first time DWI offenders who have a blood alcohol level of .15 or more.