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Immigration and Customs Enforcement Holds (ICE Holds)

Immigration Holds in Harris County Jail

Ice HoldsIf you are undocumented in the United States and you get arrested in Harris County, there is a good possibility that an Immigration “ICE” Hold will be placed on you once you get to the county jail.  From speaking to many of our clients, what usually happens is the intake officers ask you if you are a citizen or legal permanent resident.  If you answer “no”, then they put you in a different holding cell so that you can be interviewed by immigration.  If immigration determines that you should be placed into deportation proceedings, then an ICE hold will be placed, and you will not be able to bond out.

In Person Consultations

Finding a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney is not hard.  Chances are, if you need one, you are going to be contacted by many.  What is tough is finding a Criminal Lawyer in Houston that you can trust.  I have been a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney since the first day I was licensed in the State of Texas.  In my blog I hope to have an avenue to share my thoughts, and hopefully give advice to those needing the assistance of a good criminal lawyer in Houston.