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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers of Benavides & Serrano PLLC are dedicated to the vigorous pursuit of its clients’ interests. The firm is committed to providing reputable and professional legal services in an attainable manner. We strive to be the best criminal defense lawyers in Houston and handle each case with the utmost dedication and accountability to obtain a favorable outcome. Our firm ensures high quality representation rooted in knowledge and experience with an innovative and professional approach to each individual case.

Our Commitment

Benavides & Serrano PLLC takes pride in upholding its values that have been practiced by its attorneys for numerous years and have served as the foundation to serve its clients with the utmost professional service. You will find that there is a distinction of service that you receive when you permit the attorneys at Benavides & Serrano PLLC to serve as your legal representatives. In our continuous effort to surpass each of our clients’ expectations, you will find the following to be at the core of what we consider our Mark of Distinction:

  • Commitment to taking care of our clients with respect, dignity and appreciation.
  • Provide the same level of professionalism to all clients and all cases regardless of size and complexity.
  • Maintain a stable and disciplined firm with highly qualified, keen staff and professionals with the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary for a favorable outcome
  • Encourage and promote staff and professionals to exemplify a corporate culture of superior knowledge, responsibility, and expeditious work performance.
  • Offer superior legal representation at competitive prices which provides accessibility for clients
  • Provide comprehensive legal representation, counseling and advising services through the encouragement of certification, licensure and continuing education.
  • Relentlessly pursue the best interest of our clients by understanding each client’s needs, expectations and provide an innovative approach
  • Maintain an open line of communication with clients and provide continuous progress status on each case.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers – Benavides & Serrano PLLC

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